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We have been dealing with Talent Pool Spinnin Records from the very beginning of its existence. And this is about 5 years or more.

We bring your track to the top 5-10 on the Talent Pool (possibly the first one).

Only users of this site vote.

If it rises higher, we do not take money for it.

How many will be in the top, it already depends on the competing tracks, but we try to leave them behind.

Usually it takes about a week, 3-7 days, maybe longer.

In our experience, they held the first position for a week (if you want to hang longer, you need to support with votes + additional payment).

Regarding whether the label responds, yes, it does (for their own reasons, they may not leave a review), but your material must correspond 100 % to their taste and sound, then there is a chance not just to get a fitback.

What is the plus, even if the label is not interested in your track, this is the PR of the track.

We have personal experience both in getting a fitback and in requesting to finish a track and provide it for verification for a possible release on the label.

We got PR for the track on Spinnin Records sources on Twitter, Soundcloud, Youtube, and also got into the track of the week and track of the month tab on the label's website (TRACK OF THE WEEK and TRACK OF THE MONTH), which means that we have free releases.

At the moment there is a 50 % discount

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