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Sending your press release to more than 1000 media outlets (Russia and the near abroad).

The base is mixed.

All media at various levels.

Placement in any of these media will bring you to Yandex and / or Google news - and this is already an excellent result.

Based on the results of the mailing, 2-3 placements are guaranteed by experience, otherwise everything depends on the quality of the text provided: the relevance of its subject matter, literacy, social interest, as well as the uniqueness of the text.

Practical experience has shown that the number of publications is strongly influenced by the uniqueness of the text, since all media outlets care about their positions in Yandex and Google, which do not welcome duplicate texts.

We recommend that you provide several unique texts on the same topic (at least 5-6).

Examples of works on musical and non-musical topics are ready to provide at your request.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

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